As an owner of two senior Rottweilers, I was looking for a product that would help them. My female Rottweiler has a torn cruciate ligament with arthritis and I needed a supplement that would help her without having to use traditional drugs with scary side effects. My male is overall in good shape, but needed something to prevent future problems along the road.

I have been using Silver Lining Herb’s “Joint Support 18” and “K9 Foundation 10” supplements for both of my dogs, and in a little over one month of use, I am already seeing good results. My female has been going on daily walks again and she is recovering at a much faster rate than before. I must say that before using these products, even a short walk would cause her to slow down at the end and she needed a couple of days rest afterwards to recover from the soreness. Now, not only does she walk normally until the end, but she is ready and eager the next day to go on another walk! As a result we have been able to go for daily walks again and I have also been able to increase the length of her walks. I attribute this progress to these products.

I must confess that I have used products with turmeric and boswellia before, but this time I am really seeing a difference and I think it’s because of the strategic blend of powerful anti-inflammatory herbs in Joint Support 18 and the fact that the K9 Foundation 10 was used along with it. My male Rottweiler has benefited too as he seems much more active and happy. I definitely recommend these products and am very happy with the results, so I feel that a five star rating is well deserved.

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